Erik Lundoy - Instructor

Erik Lundoy - Instructor

Erik Lundoy has his roots in Suffolk county, New York. The first challenge in his path to marksmanship  was to overcome an environment that did not promote the shooting sports.

Very early in life he learned to shoot while on vacation ranches in Pennsylvania. Sparked by this interest, in college  he took advantage of his new environment and purchased a paintball gun and a few air guns to which he further practiced the disciplines of trigger control and follow through. Once he moved out on his own, he quickly started to master the skills he was first introduced to as a young boy.

Specializing in AR-15’s, he built his own piece by piece as his first firearm, and learned to shoot with that and the help of Frank Melloni. He is now focusing on building his collection of historical firearms that helped shape our world as we know it today.

Erik also has extensive knowledge of American history and especially World War II. He can explain in full detail the historical firearms used in that war and their effects on its outcome, as well as the different possibilities with minor changes to the timeline of when specific firearms were released.  He has even taken the time to travel to some of the sites where these important events occurred, such as Normandy and El Alamein.

His technical mind and vast knowledge are a welcome addition to the renaissance team.